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"Apoya al Instituto para las Mujeres en Migración, AC (IMUMI) para proteger a la niñez y familias bi-nacionales en la obtención de documentos de identidad."




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Esta campaña finalizó el March 18, 2018 y recibió todo el dinero recaudado al superar el mínimo de recaudación.

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Why is the Campaign Important?

Currently more than half a million children born in the US live in Mexico
because their parents were deported or decided to return due to the hostile climate for
immigrants in the US. Many of these parents need legal assistance to obtain identity
documents for their children.

The Institute for Women in Migration (IMUMI) has a Legal Clinic with US and
Mexican trained lawyers who work together on issues of family re-unification,
humanitarian visas and identity documents to help families integrate once in Mexico.

To continue this work we need your support to raise $14,000 USD to help families obtain
documentation to ensure their children´s access to education and health services in Mexico.
Each year IMUMI represents more than 200 women migrants and their families
and advocates for public policy changes in Mexico that will increase the rights
of bi-national families.

For example, IMUMI was instrumental in Mexico´s educational
reforms that now guarantee access to education for all immigrant children regardless of
their nationality or immigration status.


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How will the funds be used?

Your support will allow us to cover:
 Partial salary for a lawyer to assist women migrants and their families
with legal procedures between Mexico and the U.S.
 Birth certificate fees
 Mexican nationality registration (dual nationality)
 Family re-unification procedures
 Passport fees
 Training for civil registries and organizations in Mexico to help
replicate the work and reach more migrant families.

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Campaign goals

Week 1: 20% of the funds raised
Week 2: 25% of the funds raised
Week 3: 40% of the funds raised
Week 4: 60% of the funds raised
Week 5: 80% of the funds raised
Week 6: 100% of the funds raised

About the Campaign Sponsor

Bridges for Understanding (B4U) is sponsoring this campaign for IMUMI. We
are US citizens and Mexican friends united to stop the deterioration of relations
between Mexico and the US, and the impact that US policy has had on immigrants. B4U
was founded at the beginning of 2017 as a call to strengthen efforts to support
organizations such as IMUMI that advocate for the rights of migrants and their families.
Contact IMUMI
Alma Levy, Instituto para las Mujeres en la Migración, AC
Email: direccion@imumi.org
Tels.: (52 55) 5211.4153 y 5658.7384