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"La primera plataforma en línea en México para comprar, vender, donar e intercambiar ropa ligeramente usada de manera fácil, segura y ambientalmente responsable."




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Esta campaña finalizó el February 23, 2017 y recibió todo el dinero recaudado al superar el mínimo de recaudación.

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What is the problem?

Today, the fast fashion industry, with brands such as H&M, Forever 21, and Zara, is among the three most polluting industries worldwide, next to oil and cattle industries.


In the fashion industry pollution is not the result of an individual process only, but of several ones:

·    The crop cultivation of the raw material

·    The fabric and the final product making.

·    The transport use for long and longer distances.

·    The use or the consumption of clothing.

·    The waste or disposal of clothes in landfills


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In rropero we discovered that the USE AND THE CONSUMPTION are the crucial point where the consumer can change directly this pollution chain by taking simple measurements to achieve a great impact.

Today, mainly women, buy many clothes and we use them very little , so we can be trendy and we can have different outfits and look different all the time. The problem is that in average we use a garment less than 10 times when we could use it for at least 50 times, and we keep buying more and more, piling up, and wasting clothes in great condition.


What is the project about?


rropero has the mission to encourage the adequate use of clothes to diminish the consumption of brand new clothing, and the pollution, by changing the perspective and use of clothes in Mexico: sustainable clothes and lifestyle


This is why we have created the first specialized sales platform of used clothes to buy, sell, swap or donate among women in a safe space, and in an easy and responsible way. A unique and sustainable marketplace.


Results up to now


Rropero has been operating for 4 months as an online store. Through this model we have achieved to give a second usage opportunity to 500 garments, reducing 300 kilograms of carbon dioxide (CO2 eq). This amount of CO2 is what 180 trees can absorb during a year.


With a million of reused garments we could avoid producing what 360,000 trees could absorb in one year.


This is almost a fact, but WE NEED YOUR HELP to grow and to achieve taking our project to thousands of millions of mexican women who are ready to change the fashion industry in Mexico.



How will the money be used?


The investment will be used to enter an acceleration program from Unreasonable Mexico. This program is the best one for social and environmental entrepreneurs that are tackling the most urgent challenges in Mexico. Unreasonable Mexico will provide us with investors, mentors, and a wide variety of resources and tools to push rropero to a greater impact and a large and faster growth.


How and when will the rewards be delivered?


Once the campaign finishes the digital and physical rewards will be sent in the following 30 days. You will be receiving the physical rewards at your doorstep, or at your office, but these rewards are subjected to Mexico, USA, and Canada, only.

What are the risks of the project?


If we don’t achieve our goal ($115,000 MXN), we will not be able to have access to the people and the resources Unreasonable Mexico can provide us.

We will lose the opportunity of becoming the FIRST MEXICAN STARTUP to implement a model that is innovative,  scalable and systematically measures the carbon dioxide footprint of the reused clothes.


More information on the marketplace


In the marketplace we have special features such as:

·      New categories search according to the use of the clothes (new with price tags, new without price tags, as new, slightly used, on sale),

·      Suggested prices based on the brands, the item, and the use of the clothes,

·      Customized profiles called closets to buy and sell,

·      Having the possibility to accept and offer swapped items from a similar price and/or offers $,


Other known features like:


·      Social media characteristics (follow your favorite closets, tag friends, and,

·      The best of a marketplace: payment methods, shipping, a tailored online place to post, and share your or your friend’s  clothes totally free with thousands of women.



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Who is behind rropero?


Tash and Mara, the ying and the yang.


Mara is an style and fashion tendencies lover. She enjoys buying new clothes to look different, accordingly to the event. Thanks to her experience on the retail area, the logistics of the stores, and the fashion marketing, Mara is the Chief of Operations.


Tash is techy and environmentalist. She worries about  social causes, climate change, and she has focused on the impact that technology has in this areas. Due to her understanding and perception on businesses, Tash is the Chief Executive Officer.


Mara and Tash are on opposite poles from each other, which achieves a perfect combination that complements the vision and strengthens an innovative enterprise of the fashion industry with a sustainable perspective.


Get in touch with the creators:


Tash Salas

Co- founder & CEO

Mara Salas

Co- founder & COO


mobile . 55 4959 2253

E-mail: rropero.mx@gmail.com

Fb: /rroperomx

Tw: @rroperomx

IG: @rroperomx





The challenges of the campaign are:


·   Raise awareness of a social and environmental problem that with rropero, and together, we can tackle through information, and responsible purchases in a safe space.

·      Join fashion and environment lovers in an innovative project to change the perspective and how clothes are used in Mexico.


¡¡¡Juntos lo logramos!!!

por rropero
¡¡¡Amigos, familiares y comunidad increíble!!!

Este mensaje es para contarles más noticias sobre el proyecto del que ustedes también son parte escencial.

¡¡¡Logramos nuestra meta (y algo más)... !!!

Con ese dinero fuimos al Instituto Irrazonable dónde 
  • Platicamos con más de 40 mentores especialistas en sus industrias, 
  • Convivimos con 33+ emprendedores sociales; 
  • Analizamos 13 empresas diferentes tratando resolver los problemas más urgentes de México con proyecto innovadores y escalables;
  • Asistimos a 2 eventos de inversión, y
  • Presentamos nuestro proyecto en una noche de inpiración, frente a 400+ personas

Ahora, después de un mes único, nos toca actuar... vamos a cambiar la forma de ver y usar ropa en México.


ehmmm... sobre las recompensas: Ya hemos comenzado a entregar las recompensas para agradecer su increíble apoyo, si no has recibido la tuya, seguramente está en camino.

Para los que deben recibir el dije de plata... vamos un poco retrasados, muy pronto les estaremos comunicando la fecha de entrega de estos.

Para cualquier aclaración o duda por favor escríbanos a holi@rropero.mx

Gracias infinitas por su paciencia y amor, en éste y los procesos que faltan.

Amor y magia para todos.
Mara y Tash Salas


A sólo unos cuantos pasos de la meta

por rropero
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A dos días de terminar la campaña, queremos agradecerle a todos formar parte del proyecto y, sobre todo, creer en nosotras.

Este proceso ha sido una montaña rusa de emociones y sacrificios, pero todo ha valido la pena.

Gracias a ustedes, nos sentimos apoyadas, queridas y llenas de energía para alcanzar nuevas metas y llevar el proyecto a otro nivel.

¡Lo bueno a penas comienza!

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    MOCHILA DE SUEÑOS (Lacoste Amarilla) Como Daniela González, la Directora y Fundadora de EPIC QUEEN, la describe, la mochila de los sueños es un amuleto con significado de sueños y posibilidades. Para Dani, esta mochila tiene un valor emocional muy especial pues con ella consiguió su primer trabajo y después lo dejó para cambiar de vida y empezar a trabajar por su sueño, que hoy ha marcando un cambio para las niñas en la tecnología. Ahora está lista para compartirlo con alguien más con sueños similares que busquen una historia de éxito única y un amuleto para que la acompañe.
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    Jeez! So many hours without sleep is totally worth if we go together! To show you how thankful we are to you for helping us achieve our goal, we are giving you an amazing customized dreamer mug to help you stay awake to execute and plan your dreams and take our mission around with you by avoiding the use of styrofoam or cardboard cups! And a special thank you message on your selected social media, a place among the symbolic founders, and the diploma. (Shipping limited to Mexico, and USA)
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    Thank you for wearing rropero’s colors! This is why, you will receive all the previously mentioned and an amazing T-shirt made with recycled material, 50% PET and 50% regenerated cotton, with a unique design from rropero, and to feel even more part of this movement it will be customized with your name. (Shipping limited to Mexico, and USA)
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    With you now we are really going to be present in all Mexico and the world! So you can live the rropero experience in the commodity of your house with your friends, we are sending you a fabulous kit to become the host of a swap and donation party, as well as all the previously mentioned rewards! (Shipping limited to Mexico, and USA)
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    You are a super hero of the environment! So, we need to give you a token of great value! This is why we are giving you THE INCREDIBLE RINGS FROM THE STONECUTTERS BROTHERHOOD FROM THE SIMPSONS! Ok, that is not going to happen, but we are giving you a fine 3D pendant , made by the artist Oliver Vindas. (Shipping limited to Mexico, and USA)
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    You are a true warrior for our cause! There are no words that can thank you enough… With our whole hearts we thank you deeply! With this contribution you deserve everything already mentioned and you will honor us by coming to our first anniversary party with a double invitation for you, so together we can celebrate the success of your sustainable community!
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