Solar energy for families without electricity

Distrito Federal, Mexico


"Vitaluz is about to change 100 families without electricity and generate dozens of community jobs, all with the power of the sun, technology, and your help."




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Esta campaña finalizó el January 14, 2017 y recibió todo el dinero recaudado al superar el mínimo de recaudación.

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What do we do and how can you help?

Can you imagine spending an entire day without electricity? Can you imagine the desperation you would feel?

Can you imagine not being able to use the Internet, your cell phone, your appliances, or your lights?

Now imagine living without electricity every day of your life and relying on candles for light. In Mexico there are millions of people for whom this is not an imaginary situation, it is the reality of their daily life.

We want to change this, and we can with your support. It's up to all of us to build a better world!


Vitaluz provides an electricity source and lighting for the population in Mexico that does not have access to this service, or that has an inefficient and/or irregular system, through the use solar-powered electricity generators. Our business model prioritizes the inclusion of the communities in which we work as part of the solution and the use of innovative, sustainable technologies.

For this project, we need your support to manufacture and install 100 solar electricity systems and bring electricity to 500 Mexicans who do not have access to official electricity services. In addition, we need you to become an Ambassador for Light and share this campaign with your friends to help us reach our goal.

Without electricity, these families are disconnected from the world, but with these systems they will have the ability to improve their lives and reach the outside world. They will be able to use their cell phones to communicate with each other and their loved ones, children will be able to study longer, families will live in healthier environments, their productivity in artisan activities will increase, they can use household appliances, and, above all, they will be able to aim for a brighter future.


What problem do we want to solve?

In Mexico, there are 2.2 million people without access to electricity, more than 500,000 families. These families must resort to using alternatives that are harmful to their health and the environment such as candles, kerosene lamps or diesel generators. The most ironic and unjust part is that these alternatives are also the most expensive and inefficient lighting and electricity methods that exist.

In addition, there are 8.8 million households that have irregular electricity service. These families are forced to act illegally in order to extend their own networks, which is extremely costly and inefficient.


At Vitaluz we believe that everyone has the right to an accessible and sustainable energy source, regardless of his or her socioeconomic status or geographic location. Who would have imagined that, in a marginalized area, far from urbanization, it would be possible to buy solar energy in a local store? With Vitaluz it is possible.

How do we do it?

We achieve all of this with our prepaid solar energy systems. The Vitaluz systems start with a solar panel that is placed on the roof of the home, and that generates electricity from the radiation of the sun. This energy is stored in batteries and is administered through our prepaid meter. The meter then enables users to purchase power recharges, similar to cell phone credit recharges, by day, week, or month.

Once a candidate is approved, we install a Vitaluz system that meets their needs free of cost, eliminating all financial barriers. Our users acquire their recharges as they need the energy or depending on what they can pay at that moment. Together with a model of monitoring and maintenance, we ensure that these families have accessible, quality energy for life.


Through our model we also create 3 different jobs in the community:

  • The Suns are small storeowners, community leaders and/or people who want to help their community. The Suns are in charge of selling electricity recharges within their community through our VitaSol app, which does not need internet or signal to operate. For each recharge sold the Sun makes a commission.


  • Local technicians who are trained to provide technical assistance to our users and maintenance to our systems. 


  • Community Ambassadors are people from the community who help us to communicate the message of Vitaluz and to contact new people who need our service. The ambassadors earn a commission for every client they get.


What have we done so far?

272 Active Users

150 on Waiting List

60 Jobs Created

3 Provinces Reached

$20usd/month savings per household

401kg/month reduction in CO2 emissions 


How are we going to use the money?

The money will be used to buy the components for Vitaluz systems (solar panels, batteries, inverters, charge controllers, prepaid meters, LED lights, etc.), assemble them and install them in 100 homes and thus brighten the lives of 500 Mexicans. With the systems manufactured, we can install them at no cost to our users, so that the only thing they pay for is their electricity recharges when they need them, and so we can provide assistance and permanent maintenance.

The systems will be installed in:

  • Ampliación Chalma, Xochimilco.
  • Tepipili, Xochimilco.
  • Bodoquepa, Xochimilco.
  • Magadalena, Hidalgo
  • Cóporo, Estado de México.


If we collect more than our goal, everything will be used to install a larger number of systems, and all the money that is generated from the 100 original systems will be reinvested to install even more systems.

Join us for installations and meet the families that benefited from your donations!

Meet the Vitaluz team

We are a team of young people with multidisciplinary backgrounds united by a common goal; To develop programs and technologies that have a direct impact on the lives of the least well-off people in Mexico. We firmly believe that all people have the potential to develop and we have a commitment to ourselves and our country to bring them the necessary tools to develop that potential to the fullest.

  • Yusef Jacobs:

"I am the General Manager and Founder of Vitaluz. I started Vitaluz when I was in my fourth semester of Physical Engineering at Ibero University. As part of another project, I started to visit impoverished communities in Mexico and noticed that many of them did not have electricity. What surprised me most was that these families spent more on electricity than what I pay in my own house. For me this was and is a great social injustice and I committed to the task of doing something about it. I designed the first prototype of a Vitaluz system from a box of cookies. After many iterations, new ideas, mistakes and, above all, a great deal of work, that box of cookies transformed into the systems that we install today."

  • David Perlo:

"I am a partner and the Director of Strategic Planning at Vitaluz. I first connected with Vitaluz when I was in charge of Gifted Citizen, a prize awarded to the most important social entrepreneurs in the world. I had to review hundreds of social entrepreneurship projects at GC, and Vitaluz was one of the most impressive A few months later I was invited to the project as a partner, and I did not hesitate to join when I saw the passion of the team for the project, and especially what I experienced first hand when I went to a community: People were lighting their faces with the system, and they gave me their testimony about how the service was changing their lives. 6 months later we are increasingly consolidating our operations and improving service effectiveness, and therefore we are closer to illuminating the lives of millions of Mexicans. "

  • Eduardo Calderón

"I am the Director of Community Management at Vitaluz. When I was a Law student and began to develop professionally, I found myself in different settings, in which I saw how the great problems of our society were developed, as well as a great indifference towards the search for a solution. This motivated me to look for new options and that's how I got involved for the first time in impact projects. While I've been involved in these kinds of projects for the last 9 years, I've witnessed the rapacious way in which poverty and inequality has plagued the Latin American people, which compels me to take up the task and to act on it. I am in Vitaluz because I am convinced that it is an ideal place to solve the exclusion of thousands of families."


How and when will the rewards be delivered?

Physical and digital rewards will be awarded 1 month after the campaign ends. Community-related rewards will be awarded 2 ½ months after closing the campaign in order to await the arrival of the components, and so that the rewards are awarded within the system installation times.



Últimos días de campaña.

por Vitaluz
Estimados donantes:

Esta odisea de la campaña ha sido maravillosa, y estamos eternamente agradecidos con ustedes por habernos apoyado a lo largo de estas semanas.

Quedan solo 4 días de campaña y llevamos 220 personas iluminadas.

Si estos últimos días nos quieren apoyar corriendo la voz sería también maravilloso.

Les enviamos un fuerte abrazo de parte de todo el equipo de Vitaluz.

Sigamos iluminando vidas.


Actualización 2017, quedan 2 semanas de campaña, y ya van 220 vidas iluminadas.

por Vitaluz
Estimado Embajador de luz,

Con la cantidad actual recaudada, y 150,000 pesos de un donativo de una empresa que se verán reflejados en la plataforma en unos cuantos días ya llevamos 550,000 pesos recaudados.

Son 220 vidas iluminadas, y todo esto ha sido posible gracias a nuestros 262 donantes.

Estamos eternamente agradecidos con ustedes por cambiar vidas a nuestro lado.

¡Sigamos iluminando vidas!


Mensaje muy importante de Vitaluz

por Vitaluz

Estimados embajadores de luz,

Estamos eternamente agradecidos con ustedes por todo su apoyo.

Estamos por recibir un par de donaciones por parte de dos empresas así que pronto contaremos con 410 mil pesos en total.

Todo esto ha sido gracias a su apoyo.

Les pedimos su ayuda para seguir difundiendo la campaña y lograr alcanzar la meta de recaudar 1,300,000 pesos.

Aún tenemos 38 días y con su apoyo lo podemos lograr.

Los que puedan ayudarnos a seguir corriendo la voz, y además puedan compartir esto en sus redes sociales se los agradeceremos infinitamente. Compartir la liga invitando a gente a participar puede ampliar nuestra red de embajadores de luz de manera importante:

Muchas gracias por llevar luz a nuestro lado.


Querido donantes necesitamos de su apoyo para difusión

por Vitaluz

Estimados embajadores de luz,

Llevamos ya 215,000 pesos, y 181 donantes.

Les agradecemos infinitamente su apoyo.

Gracias a sus aportaciones lograremos iluminar 500 vidas.

Ahora necesitamos de su apoyo para correr la voz: Los que puedan porfavor publiquen en sus muros la liga para seguir invitando gente a donar, y corran las voz con otras personas, 

Necesitamos de su poder para seguir iluminando vidas.

Muchos saludos!



Ya casi llevamos 200,000 pesos!!!

por Vitaluz

Queridos Donantes,

Estamos muy cerca de alcanzar la meta de 200,000 pesos en tan solo 8 dias, ya son 131 donantes.

Todo esto ha sido gracias a sus apoyos.

Como embajadores de luz les pedimos su apoyo para seguir difundiendo la liga en sus redes sociales y con sus contactos personales para que logremos iluminar la vida de 500 personas.

Recuerden que lo recaudado de las recargas será utilizado para instalar más y más sistemas, así que el impacto será exponencial, y lograremos electrificar a miles de personas.

Que la luz esté con ustedes

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Starting from $200.0MXN or more

there are 91 Backers

Thank you very much for your support! With this donation, you are giving Alejandra from Cóporo light to study and do her homework at night. You are officially a part of Vitaluz and we are going to include you in our section of donors on our page!

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Starting from $500.0MXN or more

there are 97 Backers

You’re amazing! Thanks to you, Eva from Tizilingo will feel safer at home, and her mom will be able to cook dinner at night. You are changing their lives! We are going to send you a digital postcard with the photo of the family(s) you are benefiting. In addition to appearing in our section of donors on our page!

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Starting from $1,500.0MXN or more

there are 35 Backers

Do you have any idea the impact you are generating? You are literally illuminating the life of an entire family! Thanks to your donation, Maribel from Bodoquepa will be able to save up to $400 pesos per month in energy. We will give you a Vitaluz backpack to carry everything you need on your adventures, in addition to everything else. (Personalized Postcard + Recognition as donor)

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Starting from $3,000.0MXN or more

there are 20 Backers

Wow! You're really helping us build the Mexico we deserve. Cristina from Magdalena can now make her artisan crafts with quality light. You will get the complete Vitaluz kit (Personalized postcard + recognition as donor on our page + Vitaluz Backpack + Vitaluz Notebook with pen)

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Starting from $6,500.0MXN or more

there are 7 Backers

Seriously, people like you motivate us to work harder every day! Thanks to your generosity Jesus from Tepipili is going to feel more secure in his house. In addition to the Vitaluz kit (Personalized postcard + recognition as an donor on our page + Vitaluz backpack + Vitaluz Notebook with pen), we will send you a personalized video of thanks from the family you are supporting.

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Starting from $12,500.0MXN or more

Limited (27/30)

there are 3 Backers

You're leaving a permanent mark! You are officially sponsoring a complete Vitaluz system! You are permanently changing the lives of an entire family. You will receive the whole Vitaluz kit (Personalized postcard + recognition as donor on our page + Vitaluz backpack + Vitaluz notebook with pen) + Personalized video of thanks from the family that you support. In addition, we will put your name on the installed system (if you wish, of course). THE BEST OF ALL: we invite you to come with us and meet the people you are helping and see first hand the HUGE impact you are helping to generate.

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Starting from $50,000.0MXN or more

Limited (8/10)

there are 2 Backers

It's amazing what you're doing for these families. You are ensuring that 5 families have electricity for life. Veronica from Xochimilco, Rubén from Edo. Mex, Silvia from Hidalgo - You are giving them a better future! You will receive the entire Vitaluz kit (Personalized postcard + recognition as donor on our page + Vitaluz backpack + Vitaluz notebook with pen) + Personalized video of thanks from the family that you support. In addition, we will put your name on installed systems (if you wish, of course). We will also give you a special distinction in our section of donors as PLATINUM DONOR with your photo and name (if you want). You are invited to come with us and meet the families you are supporting.

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